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Amanda – Media Manager

Amanda began working in our clinic as a dental receptionist early in 2007. It became apparent to all who worked with her that she was no ordinary person. Her infectious smile and sincere demeanor soon won the hearts of co-workers and patients alike. Amanda can always be counted on to go the extra mile for all the patients in the clinic.


In her second year of employment it became evident to the clinic managers and dentists that Amanda possessed a vast talent for writing. It didn’t take long before she was writing and rewriting all of the clinic’s patient education material and recall letters.


We are proud and pleased to say that at the time of writing this bio Amanda is now the clinic’s media manager. This part of her job description includes creating, writing and editing all of the clinics printed advertisements, brochures and posters as well as an ever changing vast array of patient education material.


She worked closely with our website designer to create a state of the art website which she continues to manage; making updates continually with material she has developed and written herself.


In addition to the website Amanda manages and maintains the clinic’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, constantly keeping our social media current, relevant and entertaining.


The clinic also has a blog of which Amanda is the sole editor and manager, posting researched peer reviewed articles and helpful links as well as excellent relevant articles she has written herself drawing on her vast knowledge of the industry and her passion for health and helping others.


Amanda still keeps herself grounded with regular shifts at the reception desk helping patients of the clinic. She is also a front office supervisor handling many human resources tasks as well.


Amanda is passionate about children and all issues related to children. Specifically, she is very interested in childhood dental problems. She writes passionately about prevention education and treatment of childhood dental problems.


She is an avid supporter of many children’s and women’s charities. Amanda single handedly organized the clinic’s sponsoring of a child for Christmas 2012 through the Alberta Children’s Hospital.


Amanda is happily married with two beautiful sons. The Brentwood Village Dental Clinic’s staff, management and dentists are all incredibly proud of Amanda and her accomplishments. She is a valued asset to our team.

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