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Jocelyn – Clinic Supervisor RDA LevII

Jocelyn worked for three years as a dental receptionist before she decided to further her education. Her father’s work in the dental field as a dental technician made her decision an easy one. Jocelyn would become a dental professional as well. She graduated from the Dental Assistant Professional Program at Columbia College in 2009 and joined the Brentwood team in 2010.


When she’s assisting, Jocelyn primarily works with Dr. Salloum and Dr. Khanna here at the Brentwood Village Dental Clinic. Her excellent work ethic and professionalism along with her warm demeanor have endeared Jocelyn to staff and patients alike. Jocelyn’s dedication has also seen her to a swift promotion as Assistants’ Supervisor, a position which she continues to excel at.


Jocelyn is also the treatment coordinator for our office. This means that if you require a predetermination for treatment, Jocelyn is the one who submits to your dental benefits provider. She also follows up with our patients regarding predeterminations, providing written estimates outlining the patient’s portion.


Recently married, Jocelyn loves spending time with her husband as well as hanging out with friends. Jocelyn also enjoys wine tasting, cooking and shopping with a special affinity for handbags.

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