A root canal is a common dental treatment that is successfully performed countless times in Canada each year. The procedure helps restore and save a tooth that is either severely damaged or infected. So rather than removing the tooth, it is simply repaired. If you are in need of a root canal, you may be wondering what you can expect from the experience. 

At Brentwood Village Dental Clinic, our team of expert dentists in NW Calgary want you to be informed and educated so you know what to expect when you’re in that dental chair. For this reason, we have compiled a list of 5 incredible benefits you may experience after a root canal treatment

Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Alleviation of Pain

A root canal treatment in NW Calgary can help alleviate the dental distress you may be experiencing right now. The primary reason people go to their dentist is due to some kind of oral pain, irritation, or discomfort. As such, a root canal can help to manage pulp infection as well as exposed nerves, thereby alleviating the pain. 

However, it’s important to note that each patient is different. For this reason, additional information is always helpful. Contact your dentist today to learn more about the specifics of root canals and how it fits into the context of your unique dental issue.  

2. Puts a Stop to Infection

An infection anywhere in your body must be stopped as soon as possible. Failure to do so can cause it to spread even further. The same concept holds true for oral infection. And if you have tooth and root decay – the chances of infection are highly probable. Receiving a root canal can help put a stop to the spreading of the infection. 

Leaving a mouth infection untreated can result in unnecessary health problems that – with enough time – have the potential to become quite severe. 

3. Teeth Preservation

Your teeth are critical. We all know this. Your teeth are important for not just flashing a bright smile to others around you, but for living a good quality of life. Without a healthy set of teeth, simple activities that most of us take for granted (such as eating and speaking) can become painful enterprises. 

A root canal at Brentwood Dental helps to ensure your teeth remain healthy and protected. As such, you can feel confident knowing your mouth will be clean and free of infections when you visit us for your root canal treatment. 

4. Healthy Appearance

Healthy smiles draw people in. They deliver a friendly extension to the recipient; allowing them to feel safe and comfortable in your presence. It’s hard to recreate that same effect if your teeth are in desperate need of restoration. At Brentwood Dental, our root canal treatments can help repair your teeth so they radiate that healthy appearance whenever you smile at those in your presence. 

5. Painless Procedure

Typically, when people think of a root canal, they envision a painful treatment being administered by a shifty dentist. However, this is a far cry from the reality of root canal treatments. In actuality, most of the pain and discomfort associated with root canals comes from the damaged tooth or infected pulp – and not from the procedure itself. 

In fact, most patients will actually experience very little – if any – pain after a root canal treatment. 

Final Thoughts

A root canal is not something that should frighten you. By understanding that it’s not only quick and easy but also relatively harmless, you’ll feel more at ease about your treatment. And more excited about the new possibilities it can provide you with. We here at Brentwood Dental Clinic house a team of dental professionals in NW Calgary. 

Each dental specialist is trained and accredited. As such, we pride ourselves on combining our skills and knowledge with a friendly and comforting approach to patient care. If you’re in need of general dentistry services, contact us today for additional information. 


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