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During your first appointment with us, our dental team will take the time to get to know you, your dental care history, medical history, and listen to your concerns about your oral health. From there, we’ll perform a complete oral exam and assess the health of your teeth and gums. We’ll discuss your dental health goals and recommend a treatment plan based on your needs.

At Brentwood Village Dental Clinic, we maintain open and honest communication with our patients. We want to help you reach your goals so you can enjoy a lifetime of great oral health and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. We are experts in general dentistry, teeth replacement procedures, restoration, cosmetic treatments, and preventive care.

Looking for a caring team of dental professionals? Book your next appointment with us. We look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

If you are a new patient at the Brentwood Village Dental Clinic please inform us of the last time you used your current dental insurance for a check-up at your previous dental clinic. If you’re not sure when you were last seen and/or can’t remember when you had a “New Patient” exam at your previous dentist office PLEASE ASK US TO HELP.
We would be happy to contact your previous dental provider to try to retrieve this information for your benefit.

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Our staff can also contact your insurance company to obtain a general “plan breakdown” which is very useful information for us to have when serving you the patient. Thirdly, another helpful tool we have at our disposal is to send predeterminations directly to insurance companies. The advantage to a predetermination is that we will receive an accurate written depiction of your coverage for specific services in exact dollars and cents. The only detriment to sending a predetermination is that it takes approximately two to six weeks for us to receive a response. (Please note that due to privacy policies some insurance providers will only send predetermination responses directly to the insured member. In this circumstance the patient would then be required to provide our staff with a copy in order for us to interpret it for you.)

Please note: Our office does not keep a cash float on the premises for the safety of our staff. Therefore, we are unable to provide change for cash payments; any overpayments will be left as a credit on your account for future appointments. For this reason, we prefer not to take cash payments. Other acceptable payment options are: Direct Debit, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, registered cheque and money order.

Insurance Considerations

Did you know that most insurance policies will only cover a “ New Patient/Complete ” exam once every five years, but a “ Recall ” exam is almost always covered at least once a year? What this means is that if you switch dental clinics, the first comprehensive dental exam you receive may not be covered, even though you are due for your annual check-up. (A similar scenario also applies to Panoramic x-rays .) It’s always important to be familiar with your insurance policy. In order to avoid receiving any unexpected invoices from your dentist office you can take a proactive role as a patient by staying informed as to your coverage ($ maximum, % covered, benefit year, service frequencies allowed, etc.).

Lean More About Insurance Coverage
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What do our clients say?

Don’t just take our word for it.
I've been going to Brentwood Village Dental for years now and it's always a great experience for me. I'm always welcomed by the smiling girls up at the front and the wait to get in isn't long. I recently went in for a checkup and cleaning and it was lovely. The girl who was taking care of me was very personable and conversation was funny and great - there's nothing better than having great company while getting your teeth cleaned ;) I will definitely be back....more regularly and would highly recommend this place!! Thank you Brentwood Village Dental Clinic for being so wonderful time and time again!read more
Jennifer Lam
Jennifer Lam
20:48 20 Jun 18
My son had his wisdom teeth pulled by Dr T Kim and he was absolutely amazing. The instructions were very clear. Dr Kim is polite, thorough and very competent. He even did do a house call to check back on his patient. He has a special way to connect with his patients which put them at ease. We had other dental work done by him, we were equally satisfied with excellent work. We never had more
Andrea Schumann
Andrea Schumann
06:02 03 Jun 18
Everyone here is so amazing! I have been seeing Dr Orr since I first moved to Calgary about 20 years ago. I come back to him whenever possible because of his wonderful personality and gentle manner. I can't think of a single complaint in all this time about any of the other staff or hygenists I've seen over the years either - stellar team!read more
Christy Rock Paper Brushes
Christy Rock Paper Brushes
01:04 06 Jun 18
After my phone told me the dentist office was across from where the sign at the mall says, I called to double check. The feeling I got just from calling the receptionist was that this place was helpful, and patient (what everyone wants out of a dentist office). Upon arrival, the staff were friendly and had me fill out the general survey for new patients. I used to be really great at the dentist until my last visit (at another office) a few years back. My last experience was unpleasant and so I felt a little anxious coming to a new dentist. I let the hygienist (Alona, sp?) know about my past experience and she made sure to get me comfortable in the chair. She was also really nice, so I expected much of the same from the Dr who was going to check for what I thought was going to be a mouthful of cavities (thankfully that wasn't the case). They gave me suggestions for oral care and I was on my way within an hour. They also direct bill which is a GIANT bonus, and are affordable compared to other dental offices in the city.Would recommend 10/10 visiting again and telling my friends :) Thanks for the check up!read more
Katelyn MacIntyre
Katelyn MacIntyre
19:47 31 May 18
I had been unable to eat or sleep in days and had a dental infection that 2 rounds of antibiotics was making worse. These were the first people to not treat me like morons because I got an infected tooth ( the hospital at 1 am because I hadn't slept in 3 days for example was completely ignorant). And they helped me. I owe so much to them and still have the tooth in my mouth simply because they actually listened to what I was saying. Everyone assumed neglect where resistance was the issue. Thank you Brentwood Village Dental. I will be more
Justin Guay
Justin Guay
14:21 07 Jul 18
I have been going to this clinic for the last 8 years, 4 times a year. Have never had a complaint. I was there today with my favorite dential hygentis Tara. She is careful and professional in all she does. The entire staff is helpful and greet you with a smile. I booked my next appointment 4 months away to make sure it was with Tara again. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and more
Joseph Durand
Joseph Durand
03:56 17 Aug 18
My family and I have been patients at this clinic for almost three years. I have been more than pleased with the service, attention and professionalism from Drs. Kim, Tan, Baghdadi and Rodriguez not to mention the dental assistants, receptionists and hygienists. Always so polite and accommodating. Dr. Kim saved my tooth from extraction by performing a filling to it. I am very grateful! Thank you also to Drs. Kim and Tan for being there to help make my younger daughter's visits at the dentist a smooth and positive experience! Very content with your clinic. There is a calm peaceful atmosphere reigning over the more
Natalie Titley
Natalie Titley
01:46 08 Aug 18

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