Getting a dental implant in Calgary is an excellent solution if a tooth is beyond repair. Thanks to today’s incredible technology, dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Only you and your dentist will know the difference!

Mini dental implants are a newer, more innovative type of implant that is considered a good option for people who cannot have traditional implants. 

Read further to learn about mini dental implants in Calgary and whether they are right for you. 

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants 

Mini Dental implants are used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth and stabilize dentures. Benefits of Mini dental implants in Calgary include:

  • Option for bone loss as it helps avoid the need for a bone graft. 
  • Fast results– Since it does not require multiple visits, replacement teeth can’t be placed on a traditional dental implant until the jaw and gums are fully healed. Mini dental implants, however, can be placed on the same day. 
  • Less pain– Both replacement and repairs are less painful because of the size of mini implants. 
  • Better than dentures or bridges – While bridges and dentures can be a solution to tooth loss, they aren’t a recommended substitute for permanent solutions like mini dental implants. 

Furthermore, mini dental implants in Calgary are much more affordable! While costs will still vary, they’re often less expensive than traditional implants. 

Mini Dental Implants are for Smaller Teeth 

While both traditional and mini dental implants in Calgary are great options for replacing missing teeth, there are a few ways to differentiate the two. 

Mini dental implants can be used when you have experienced bone loss instead of getting dentures, while traditional implants require substantial bone mass. The smaller implants can be used for replacing smaller teeth. 

Due to the minimally invasive procedure, mini implants also have a faster recovery time. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Mini Dental Implants? 

Like traditional implants, mini dental implants in Calgary aren’t for everyone. They are not fit for people who grind their teeth, children whose mouth isn’t fully developed, or smokers. People with certain existing health conditions also won’t be able to receive implants, like those with: 

  • Diabetes
  • Bone disease
  • Hemophilia 
  • Periodontitis
  • Vascular disease

Other conditions that may be of impact are anything that slows down wound or bone healing. If your gums are recessed or damaged, that may also cause you to be unfit for mini dental implants. 

Ready for Your Perfect Smile? 

Mini dental implants in Calgary will likely last many years before needing repairs or replacement. But it’s good to know the difference between them and traditional dental implants to know what’s right for you. 

Still, if you have further questions, our team of highly knowledgeable dentists here at Brentwood Village Dental Clinic is always willing to help! 

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