An abundance of ads for products claiming to whiten your teeth 3-5 shades in only a few minutes can be found floating around the Internet. However, if you’re looking for a brighter smile, your safest bet is to visit your local dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened.

Professional teeth whitening can be performed in our office or in the comfort of your home. Using only the highest quality teeth whitening systems manufactured by Discus Dental, Brentwood Village Dental Clinic located in Calgary, Alberta, offers three options to get your smile looking brighter than ever.

SpaDent: In-office whitening

Causing virtually no sensitivity and whitening in record time, the SpaDent system is perfect for patients of all ages. Guaranteeing to whiten your teeth 2-8 shades, your dentist will apply super-whitening gel to your teeth using dual-arch mouth trays. 

Once applied, a LED light activates hydroxyl radicals, penetrating the enamel and breaking up stain particles, leaving your teeth brighter and whiter. Post-treatment, your teeth will be porous and require some special care for the following 24 hours. It’s important to drink only water during the first hour and avoid all foods and beverages which may stain your teeth during the 24 hours following treatment.

Your initial appointment will take approximately 40 minutes, and a take-home maintenance kit will be provided to ensure your teeth stay as white as possible following treatment.


An at-home teeth whitening system containing aloe vera and a desensitizer, recommended for patients with medium to dark or intrinsic staining; NiteWhite whitens while you sleep!

Patients are provided with enough product for 18 uses and instructed to apply the product using the provided trays for 6-8 hours overnight. Most patients find their designed level of whitening is achieved within 14 consecutive days of use. 


Similar to NiteWhite but worn during the day, DayWhite is recommended for patients with light to medium staining. Great for those who struggle with bruxism (teeth grinding) or a sensitive gag reflex, patients are provided with enough product for 27 uses. 

Applied twice a day using the provided trays for 30 minutes each time, with a 4-hour minimum break between uses, optimum results are achieved within six uses (12 days), ensuring you have more than enough product to perform touch-ups when required.

Regardless of the level of whitening, you’re looking to achieve, your Calgary teeth whitening experts at Brentwood Village Dental Clinic can help you safely and effectively reach your whitening goals. Contact us today by completing our contact form or calling (403) 210-5050 to book an appointment or discuss any questions and concerns you may have.

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