Wisdom teeth are the last set of adult teeth that grows between your teenage years or during early adulthood. While some wisdom teeth can come in perfectly fine, others may experience complications when the tooth grows at an odd angle. 

This is why most patients choose to book wisdom teeth removal even if they’re not causing any issues. In fact, if X-rays show impacted wisdom teeth or they are growing at an angle, the goal is to remove them before they cause pain and problems such as crowding. If you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth, speak to one of our dentists at our NW Calgary dental office about wisdom teeth extraction. 

Why you may need your wisdom teeth removed

Problematic wisdom teeth can cause excruciating pain, damage, crowding, or even destroy the teeth in front of them if left in place. Occasionally, infections or cysts can damage other roots or bones that support surrounding teeth. 

When wisdom teeth have partially emerged, infection is more likely to occur because it creates a passageway for bacteria to enter. Over time, this can cause gum disease and painful oral infections. Furthermore, wisdom teeth are more challenging to clean because of their hard-to-reach location at the back of the mouth, making them a greater risk of decay.

Your dentist may recommend wisdom teeth removal if:

  • The wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow in and show the potential of crowding or damaging surrounding teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth complications are causing sinus pain, pressure, and congestion.
  • Gums around the area are showing signs of inflammation and swelling. 
  • Wisdom teeth are impacted.

Planning ahead for wisdom teeth removal 

Remember that wisdom teeth extraction is considered an oral surgery, which requires some preparation to give you the best results and quicker recovery time. Additionally, not all dentists in NW Calgary offer wisdom teeth removal and some dental clinics may have a waitlist. This highlights the importance of your doing your research and booking well in advance before it becomes an emergency surgery due to pain or infection. 

Once you’ve spoken with your dentist about wisdom teeth removal, here’s how you can plan ahead to help make the process go as smooth as possible.

  • Speak with your dentist about sedation options. You can be awake for the procedure or put to sleep, depending on your comfort level.
  • Make sure you have a designated friend or family member driving you to and from the dentist’s office on the day of the surgery. If you don’t have someone transporting you home, your dental team may not allow you to leave the clinic after your surgery for your safety instead, call your emergency contact or arrange transportation.
  • Book a few days off of school and work to allow yourself time to rest and heal.
  • Do groceries in advance for soft foods that are safe to eat after surgery such as soup, apple sauce, oatmeal, pudding, and yogurt. 
  • Last but certainly not least, plan to take it easy at home for a few days – read books, watch movies, or catch up on your favourite TV shows. Rest will give you a better chance at a healthy and speedy recovery!

If you feel that your wisdom teeth are growing in or causing issues, don’t wait. Brentwood Village is accepting new patients – book an appointment with us and let us help you avoid a painful situation!

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