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A dental night guard protects your teeth when sleeping at night. It protects the wearer from grinding their teeth together when they sleep, this can cause bad headaches and teeth wear. We are the Calgary NW Dental Night Guard professionals, book your fitting now!

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Dental Night Guards at Brentwood Village Dental Clinic

What is a night guard?


A night guard is a custom plastic appliance made specifically to fit your teeth. Night guards are generally worn only at night when you are sleeping.


Why do I need a night guard?


An extremely large number of people grind, gnash, and/or clench their teeth while sleeping. Many people are unaware that they are doing this. It is sometimes thought that grinding will occur during periods of stress. We believe now that while stress may enhance your periods of grinding, it is not the only cause.


While you are asleep, your teeth will come together about two to four times during seven to eight hours of sleep. When there are irregularities in the chewing surfaces of your teeth, an automatic reflex occurs (by grinding) to eliminate a spot where it is too high. Your neuro-muscular system steps into high gear and extends extreme pressure through the muscles of the mouth and jaw to grind away your teeth in a never ending battle which does nothing but cause aches and pains.


How will I know if I grind my teeth?


• Soreness in Neck Muscles
• A Stiff Neck
• Facial Pain around the Jaw
• Inability to Move the Jaw
• Clicking Sounds in the Jaw (when opening & closing your mouth)
• Tooth Sensitivity
• Pain in the Area of Your Ears
• Sometimes Dizziness and Impaired Hearing or Ringing
• Recurring Headaches
• Your Teeth Become Worn Down
• The Bone Retreats from the Roots of the Teeth
• Loose or Broken Teeth
• Someone Tells You That You Are Grinding Your Teeth
• Your Jaws Are Clenched upon Awakening


How does a night guard help?


Night guards prevent you from grinding your upper and lower teeth surfaces against each other, so those unconscious efforts to correct the irregular chewing surfaces on your teeth are completely thwarted and therefore there is NO MORE GRINDING.


If you think you could do with a mouth guard, or just wish to know if one could help, please get in touch and we’ll let you know.


Night guard devices have been used by thousands of people with great results!


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