Good oral habits begin right from infancy, even for babies who do not have their first tooth yet. It starts with establishing a routine of gently wiping the gums and then instilling daily brushing habits once that first tooth erupts. Good dental care prevents cavities, tooth decay, and other oral diseases. But did you know the importance of pediatric dentistry goes beyond caring for children’s teeth? Let’s take a closer look at why NW Calgary dentists consider pediatric dentistry so vitally important.

It starts young ones off on the right foot

Starting young means that children know just how important caring for their teeth and gums is. When children have a daily oral hygiene routine early on, it becomes less of a challenge to try to get them on board at a later age after they’ve neglected their dental care. However, as we said above, it’s about more than taking care of their teeth. Pediatric dentists in NW Calgary focus on educating their young patients and helping children feel comfortable about seeing their dentist. At a young age, patients understand:

  • What happens to teeth and gums without brushing and flossing
  • Proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • How visits with their dentist help identify and prevent issues early on
  • Why preventive dental care for life is important
  • The impact of good oral care overtime

Pediatric dentists are trained to work with children

When students choose a pediatric focus in dental school, they supplement their technical dental training with other important subjects that are specific to working with children. This specialized training includes behaviour management, child psychology, fear management, how to create a positive environment for children, the use of specialized equipment for young patients, children’s teeth and jaw development, how to help children break habits like thumb sucking, and more.

Further, people who go the route of pediatric dentistry often have a gift and affinity for working with children. They are compassionate, warm, friendly, welcoming, and have the characteristics that children naturally gravitate to and feel comfortable with.

There’s a deeper significance involved

As professional dentists in Calgary, we understand the role that oral health plays in a patient’s quality of life. We’ve seen patients transformed with the proper treatment plan and report that they are more confident to socialize, smile, and eat around others, which can lead to a more positive mindset and joyful life overall. It’s no different with children.

When children grow up with healthy teeth and gums, they’re more confident, they experience fewer dental issues as adults, and you set them up for a life of good oral health and overall wellbeing.

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