Dental implants in Calgary are made from pure titanium and fit into the bone under the gum. The post fuses with your jawbone to act like regular tooth roots, providing a stable foundation for tooth restoration. 

On top of dental implants is a restoration, including a single crown for individual teeth or a bridge to restore multiple missing teeth. If your dentist has recommended dental implants for tooth restoration, it’s beneficial to understand the different types of implants available to you. 

3 types of dental implants explained

3 types of dental implants explained

Endosteal implants

Endosteal dental implants in Calgary are the most common and safest option. These posts are shaped like screws and surgically placed into the jaw, which requires a good, healthy jawbone for the post to fuse into. This procedure requires little time to heal and, once healed, creates a stronghold for false teeth to be placed onto with surrounding teeth. 

Subperiosteal implants

An alternative to endosteal implants is subperiosteal, which rests on top of the bone and under the gum instead of fixed into the jawbone. This dental implant option utilizes a metal frame placed under the gum with a post attached to it. Once the gum heals around the frame to hold it in place, false teeth are secured to the poles.

This implant method is typically used if the patient doesn’t have enough jawbone for an endosteal implant to be placed. If you’re hesitant about having an implant fixed to your jawbone, consult with your Calgary dentist about this option. 

Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are the most complicated procedure and the least common method. This type of dental implant is done if the patient has a significant bone loss. The procedure places the implant in the patient’s cheekbone, rather than the jawbone, with much longer posts than those used in traditional dental implants. 

Final thoughts

With the latest in dental technology, including 3D imaging, your Calgary dentist can recommend the right implant procedure based on your individual needs. As a Calgary dental clinic providing dental implant services, our goal is to ensure the comfort of our patients and help them achieve excellent oral health.

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