Do you have a chipped, broken, or knocked-out tooth (or teeth)? This dental emergency can feel frightening because you don’t realize how valuable your teeth are until they’ve been damaged. Luckily, assistance is available. At Brentwood Village Dental Clinic, we house an expert team of emergency dentists who can help. However, you may wonder what you can do until your appointment. Together, we’ve compiled a few steps you can take for a broken or knocked-out tooth. Keep reading to learn more. 

How to Manage a Broken or Chipped Tooth

First, refrain from attempting a DIY approach. Home fixes for broken teeth can worsen the problem, resulting in more pain and discomfort. Instead, try these simple tips to safeguard your mouth and tooth until you can see a specialist.

What You Should Do With a Broken Tooth

If you chip a tooth, clean your mouth by rinsing it with warm water as soon as possible. You can apply moderate pressure to stop the bleeding. Next, use a cold compress to control swelling. If you find a piece of your broken tooth, wrap it in wet gauze and take it to your emergency dentist.

What You Should Do if You Lose a Tooth

If your tooth has fallen from your mouth, use a gauze pad to grab it by the crown (not the root, or you risk irreparably damaging it) and insert it back into its socket. If the tooth appears dirty, rinse it with water. Do not attempt to clean or scrub it with anything else, and ensure not to clear any tissue remnants. If you can’t place it back in the socket, put it in a cup of milk or water. And get to your emergency dentist immediately.

Injuries That Do and Don’t Require Treatment

Any tooth can chip or crack with injuries that start from minor cosmetic damage to severe injuries. Gaping cracks may run to the root or from the pulp chamber at the tooth’s center, which retains many sensitive properties such as nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels. 

Cracks That May Not Require Treatment

Not every chip or crevice is severe enough to require treatment. In fact, some are very common in many people. For example, craze lines are minor crevices that appear only in the enamel are common and nothing to be concerned about. 

Cracks That May Require Treatment

You may require an emergency dentist for anything excluding minor chips or cracks, due to the difficulty in determining how deep the damage extends. In some instances, untreated damage can potentially cause many other dental complications, especially if it becomes infected. 

Cracks That Must Be Treat Immediately

You can comfortably wait for an appointment for various tooth injuries; however, others will demand more immediacy. For example, if your tooth is knocked out, it’s advised that you quickly:

  • Find the tooth
  • Reinsert it into its socket
  • Visit your emergency dentist 

Next Step: Take Care of Your Smile

As painful as a chipped or broken tooth may be, many crevices aren’t severe enough to require treatment. However, seeing an expert is the most effective way to safeguard your mouth and teeth. At Brentwood Village Dental Clinic, our team of dental professionals is here for you. We pride ourselves on making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable. So contact us today if you’re ready to take care of your smile.

Blog posts from Brentwood Village Dental Clinic are for general information only. The content should not be considered medical advice. If you need professional medical advice or assistance, please contact your local doctor or clinic. 

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