As a proud local business in northwest Calgary, we are committed to the community we serve. We are honoured to have the trust of so many families in our area when it comes to dentistry. As the festive season approaches, Brentwood Village Dental Clinic extends warm holiday greetings to everyone.

This time of year is filled with joy, celebration, and many indulgences that can affect our dental health. Here are some helpful tips to help you maintain good oral hygiene while enjoying the holiday festivities! 

1. Keep Up With Your Dental Habits

Don’t allow the festivities and celebrations of the holidays to knock you off the good dental habits you’ve developed. It takes only a few days to get off track of your healthy oral habits. Once this happens, it can be challenging to get back into the swing of things when the new year arrives.

To prevent this, commit to continuing to brush, floss, and drink enough water daily. This will ensure that your good dental habits won’t be derailed even if you indulge in some holiday drinks and sugary sweets.

2. Watch What You Eat

Yes, the holidays are a time for enjoyment and entertainment. And while you should feel festive and enjoy yourself this season when it comes to holiday feasting, it’s equally important to remember that moderation is vital.

So be vigilant of the food you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating. This is especially important for sticky foods and candies. These foods have the propensity to stick to your teeth, which can ultimately result in damage to your enamel.

If you consume these kinds of treats, be sure to drink lots of water afterward and brush your teeth thoroughly.

3. Come In For A Pre-Holiday Visit

One of the best things you can do before the holidays is book an appointment with your dentist. A pre-holiday checkup will determine how you should conduct yourself during the holidays. If everything checks out and your oral health is in optimum condition, you can relax and feel more comfortable splurging.

Brentwood Village Dental Clinic offers teeth whitening, dental crowns, bridges, fillings, and more. These services can help you maintain a bright and healthy smile throughout the holiday season.


Brentwood Village Dental Clinic offers teeth whitening services, dental crowns, bridges, fillings, and much more.

We are open seven days a week accepting both emergency and walk-in appointments. Furthermore, we are also accepting new patients in the new year, so we hope to meet some of you soon! 

Thank you and happy holidays from all of us at Brentwood Village Dental Clinic.

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