Caring for your baby’s teeth is important but how are you supposed to look after teeth that aren’t even fully developed yet? Though you may not see any little teeth poking through, underneath your child’s gums are their first set of baby teeth waiting to erupt. You need to ensure their gums stay healthy for your child to develop a healthy set of teeth. Wiping away bacteria that could lead to infection is crucial when caring for your baby’s teeth.

How do you care for your baby’s gums?

Start by wiping away any remnants of milk or formula that may be left on your child’s gums with a moist gauze pad. Be gentle on the area as it could be tender due to those little teeth getting ready to pop through the gums.

When will your child likely get their first tooth?

Usually between 6 months to 1 year old is when you will notice signs of teething. Most babies will develop their top and bottom front teeth first, but this differs with every child.

Emergency dentist Calgary NW

Emergency dentist Calgary NW

Once your baby has teeth, here are some ways you can care for their newly erupted, precious pearly whites:

Visit the Dentist

Your child’s initial visit to Brentwood Village Dental Clinic should happen as soon as they get their first baby tooth. The dentist will perform a check-up to ensure there are no cavities forming or other problems. The dentist will observe if your baby’s teeth are growing in straight and recommend any necessary treatments. If your child’s teeth begin to grow in crooked, he/she may require an oral appliance to correct the issue at a later date.

Brushing Twice a Day

Start teaching your child to brush their teeth twice a day to get them on a positive oral health routine. If your child is under the age of 3, you will need to help them brush their teeth until they can get a good grip on the toothbrush themselves.

Regular brushing will help prevent your little one from incurring dental issues such as cavities and eventual decay later in life. Two minutes is the recommended amount of time for each tooth brushing session to clean the surfaces from plaque and tartar. It is essential to make sure your child reaches every tooth with a toothbrush that is the correct size for their little mouth.

Dental Emergency

If you notice any sort of tooth decay in your baby’s mouth or if a tooth has somehow chipped or broken off completely, a trip to an emergency dentist in Calgary’s NW is crucial.

Do you need more advice on how to keep your baby’s teeth in top shape? You can contact Brentwood Village Dental Clinic to answer all your oral hygiene questions.

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