With your child’s teeth being so important, there has been an increase in technology over the years. A baby’s teeth pave the way for their adult teeth to grow in and you want to make sure your child has the proper amount of mouth hygiene with brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist for check-ups and cleaning. Healthy teeth, healthy gums, and a healthy mouth – that is what is looked for and what is important to your child’s smile. If you want to find out more about the processes, you can contact a pediatric dentist in NW Calgary.

Here are 3 of the recent advancements in pediatric dentistry.

NW Calgary Dentists

NW Calgary Dentists

1 – Can diagnostic and imaging tools detect cavities sooner?

  • These tools are important in finding tooth decay and keeping a healthy smile that can give your kids the confidence to help them with facial development, speech development, and affect their chewing. To keep a child’s oral development in check, it is better to catch tooth decay in the early stages. By ensuring so, some new diagnostic tools use transillumination to see decay. Transillumination means that they can shine a light through the teeth and can easily spot what is going on between and inside the tooth. This, along with X-rays, will allow and provide any information to the dentist that would be needed to ensure it is caught and treated promptly.

2 – Are injections painless in pediatric dentistry?

  • Painless injections never used to be a thing. No parent wants to watch a needle get injected into their tiny child and see them swell up in pain and cry. Many dentists and dental assistants have a hard time watching children in fear and pain – the good news is, painless injections have become a new good thing. At least children won’t have such fear of visiting the dentist. Even many adults dread it but we do it to ensure we have a healthy mouth and to be a good leading example for our children.

3 – Does pediatric dentistry have child-sized dentistry tools?

  • It has been typical for years that adult-sized dentistry tools were used on children. There are some great new tools and equipment that are perfectly sized and meant for children, allowing the children to feel more comfortable along with being able to do a more effective job during cleaning and examinations.
  • Some of the things that are used in pediatric dentistry are X-rayed machines with fast image receptors, kid-sized thyroid collars, and pedo sensors that take the place of the bitewings that go in the child’s mouth. All these newer advancements can make the process go that much faster during visits.

Recent advancements in science have allowed dentistry to come a long way with pediatric dental care. NW Calgary dentists know that prevention is the name of the game. If you can ensure good dental hygiene at home and let the professionals examine your child’s dental health, your child is going to develop a healthy mouth and smile.

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