IV Sedation For NW Calgary

IV sedation is for the more anxious client who really is worried about receiving their treatment. Our highly trained monitored IV Sedation professionals, can really make your trip to the dentist a manageable one. We are Calgary NW IV Sedation professionals, book your next appointment now!



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IV Sedation at Brentwood Village Dental Clinic

Dr. Amreesh Khanna is available for I.V. Sedation procedures at the Brentwood Village Dental Clinic on most Wednesdays.


Often referred to as “Conscious Sedation” I.V. Sedation is a procedure by which the dental patient is put into a state of extreme drowsiness by a combination of pharmaceuticals delivered through an I.V. Patients who are sedated retain the ability to independently and continuously maintain an airway and respond appropriately to physical stimuli and verbal command.


In a dental setting, IV sedation is used to treat patients who are anxious, and would otherwise be unable to endure dental treatment with traditional local anesthetics alone. Once sedated, the anxious patient is no longer bothered by dental work; the pharmaceuticals provide a sense of calm, well-being—in fact most patients remark on how pleasant an experience it was.


Is it safe? At the Brentwood Village Dental Clinic in Calgary, we are committed to providing the absolute safest dental services possible. During the course of the sedation appointment and for sufficient recovery after, the patient’s blood pressure, blood oxygen level, pulse, heart rhythm, and expired carbon dioxide are constantly monitored. We have hospital grade monitoring equipment which is unsurpassed for patient safety. Dr. Khanna has received advanced training and certification in I.V. Sedation procedures from the Montefiore Medical School at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York.


The cost of I.V. Sedation is $685.00; this cost is separate from the cost of any dental procedures being done while sedated. Some insurance companies will cover a portion of this fee. Patients having I.V. Sedation must fast for a minimum of 8 hours previous to their appointment. This means no eating or drinking anything at all. If you are interested in having your dental procedures completed with I.V. Sedation or would like more information please contact Joanna at 403-210-5050 or Joanna@brentwoodvillagedental.ca