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25 02, 2022

Dental Health and Overall Health: The Importance of Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

February 25th, 2022|

Did you know that dental issues can be an indicator of an overall health problem? One of the biggest misconceptions is that our teeth and gums have little to do with the rest of our body, but certain conditions can show early warning signs of underlying [...]

9 02, 2022

Anxious About Dental Visits? Ask Your Orthodontist About This Treatment…

February 9th, 2022|

A nationwide telephone study involving over one thousand Canadians revealed that nearly 10% of them had some type of fear or anxiety associated with going to the dentist. That means 1 in 10 Canadians have some form of dental fear. If you’re someone who falls into [...]

31 01, 2022

5 Easy Oral Hygiene Habits that will Revitalize Your Smile

January 31st, 2022|

Your dental health is one of the contributing factors to your overall health. For this reason – among many others – it’s paramount that you take care of your dental and oral health. And luckily, this is an easy goal to accomplish. In fact, with a [...]

30 10, 2021

6 Simple Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety Even if You’re Terrified Right Now

October 30th, 2021|

According to the Journal of Dental Hygiene, roughly 20% of adults suffer from dental anxiety. Generally speaking, this fear is more distressing than it is debilitating for most people. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t severe cases out there. In fact, it may actually be [...]

15 10, 2021

Choosing the Right Form of Dental Sedation for Your Child

October 15th, 2021|

Being a parent is no easy task; it’s a title that is fraught with challenges and difficulties. And one of the most toilsome undertakings is trying to get your children to develop good habits -- namely, good dental hygiene habits. But regardless of how good their [...]